Hi! My name’s Lana Burgess.

I’m an innately curious freelance writer and content strategist. I help publications, brands, and entrepreneurs publish purposeful content.

My specialist subjects are health, wellbeing, and marketing. That said, my research skills allow me to turn my hand to many other subjects.

I strategically plan, research, and write compelling content that supports growth.

My work meets search intentions, drives traffic, and increases engagement. I can show you how to use content to:

  • get seen in search results
  • drive traffic to your website
  • engage your audience
  • grow a community

I’m incredibly lucky to be living the freelance dream in sunny Brighton, working from Platf9rm in the midst of a thriving entrepreneurial community.

When I’m not helping people with words, I can be found running speaker-led events for Brighton Digital Women. We’re a not-for-profit company that’s striving to make digital more inclusive.

So, how did I end up doing what I do now?

I found myself organising and marketing events while studying Law at the University of Sussex — and loved it. I went on to manage a six figure advertising budget, in-house, for the marketing team of an IT services company.

Later, I honed my content marketing skills devising content strategy and delivering creative campaigns at a leading digital marketing agency.

I’ve also commissioned and edited articles for a healthcare news publication that amassed millions of views every month. This news publication was Medical News Today, a website I now regularly write for.

I took the leap to freelance life in 2017 and haven’t looked back. Being freelance allows me to deliver great work for clients I love, practise self-care, and continuously learn.

As someone living with bipolar disorder, I’m passionately outspoken about mental health. I believe sharing experiences reduces stigma.

For me, freelance life is an important way to maintain balance. As is writing. When I write, I’m blissfully lost in flow. Writing is my happy place.

My quest for zen also involves running, keeping topped up on yoga, and immersing myself ambient electronic sounds. Make me just the right playlist and I’ll love you forever.

Need to relieve the stress of struggling to get your written content right? Let’s talk. 

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