Article writing

Somewhere in the space between traditional journalism and content marketing, a bunch of writers got good at writing articles to meet specific search needs.

Journalistic articles written for digital

These writers have excellent research, writing, and SEO skills.

They know how to take a complex topic and translate it into a consumable online article, optimised for search engines and readers.

They are able to engage and inform quickly, sharing knowledge using simple language. They write articles that readers find effortless to read. Articles that readers want more of.

Unlike in content marketing, the articles these writers produce are the product. These articles drive traffic and increase engagement, allowing publishers to make money through advertising or subscriptions.

My portfolio

I’d like to think I’m one of these writers. But I’ll leave you to be the judge of that by taking a look at my portfolio.

I specialise in accessible journalistic articles that inject a sense of calm into daunting healthcare topics.

I write regularly for Medical News Today on a range of physical and mental health conditions. When I write about mental health, I do so with words that reduce stigma.

My research skills mean I can also turn my hand to many other topics.

Get in touch if my writing may fit the needs of your publication.