Content strategy

Good content meets your readers’ needs and mirrors their mindset. It connects with them on an emotional level, leaving them wanting more.

To have these qualities, your content needs to be based on a data-driven content strategy. One which defines who your audience are, what they need, and how your content can satisfy these needs.

Your content strategy will become the pattern that shapes your content marketing — ensuring it fits your audience, your objectives, and your budget. With a strategy like this in place, you can publish content that will attract your audience and — ultimately — earn their loyalty.

Creating these strategies is my specialism.

Strategy starts with discovery

A content strategy gives structure and purpose to your content marketing. If you come to me for content strategy help, I’ll pin down the why, the what, the where, the how, and the who for — for every piece of content you produce.

To do this, I’ll kick things off by meeting with you in person to pick your brains about your business. Then, I’ll go away to dig into the data around your existing content, competitors, and audience.

I’ll blend this research, your brand vision, and my own creative instinct to craft your content strategy.

Answering the questions that matter

Your content strategy will be detailed, not just top-level fluff. It will define:

  • Why you should produce content: I’ll work with you to define a set of content objectives, ensuring all your content has a purpose that aligns with your business needs.
  • Who your content should engage: I’ll create user personas and a tone of voice guide to define who your content needs to resonate with, and how it should sound to do this.
  • What needs your content should meet: I’ll explore the content types, formats, and topics that will engage your audience based on their search intentions.
  • Where your content should be: I’ll analyse which channels and influential partner sites your content should be on to promote your brand.
  • How your content should be measured: I’ll specify what metrics to measure, taking benchmarks and setting objectives to ensure we continually improve your content marketing success.

All of these juicy insights get packed into your content strategy and wrapped up in whatever format suits your needs.

A strategy needs a plan

It’s all well and good knowing the theory, but you can’t see results unless you know how to put it into action. So, your content strategy comes complete with a three month editorial calendar.

Your editorial calendar contains specific content ideas broken down by the channels relevant to you, translating your strategy into an actionable plan.

Writing brings your strategy to life

I can also get stuck in to hands-on content production to propel your strategy from paper to screen, to sales. Hop over to my copywriting service page to find out more.

Do you need a content strategy to help your business grow? Get in touch.